Meetings and business cycle

The FJMC holds four regular business meetings each year, which are a forum for discussion, decision-making and planning. The design of our annual business cycle ensures that we regularly communicate with our co-management partners (Inuvialuit Hunters and Trappers Committees, Fisheries and Oceans Canada) and address issues related to fisheries management to the best of our ability. The chart below provides an overview of our annual business cycle and some of the focus areas associated with each meeting:

FJMC April Meeting (start of fiscal year)

  • Review operation and program budget allocations for the upcoming year, and adjust as needed to support areas of priority.
  • Review full research proposals and finalize research-funding decisions.

FJMC June Community Tour

  • The FJMC travels to three ISR communities each year to meet with the local HTC to discuss fish and marine mammal management.
  • HTC concerns and feedback are documented and contribute to the FJMC’s priority list for the upcoming year.

FJMC September/October Meeting

  • FJMC & Inuvialuit HTC Presidents Meeting: involves discussion of each HTC’s concerns and priorities for fish and marine mammals.
  • Feedback from the HTC Presidents meeting, the June community tour, as well as other communications with the HTCs, into our annual research priority list. Our priorities for the upcoming year are shared with DFO as well as other researchers to encourage the submission of relevant research proposals.

FJMC January Meeting

  • Held at the Freshwater Institute (DFO) in Winnipeg to allow the FJMC to meet with DFO staff. Research and monitoring presentations are scheduled throughout the week.
  • Review short proposals and make preliminary decisions for IFA implementation and MPA funding.
  • Western Arctic Marine Protected Areas (WAMPA) Steering Committee meeting.



2016-01-15 FJMC group photo with Dang & Chuck Gruben (left)