Project ID Project Title Project lead
2021-22-01 Imaryuk Monitoring Program K. Ruben
2021-22-02 Arctic Salmon: Coordination and logistics 2021 Dunmall
2021-22-03 Arctic Coast – ANMPA Summer Community Based Survey 2021/2022 Dunmall, McNicholl
2021-22-04 Arctic Coast – ANMPA Winter Baseline Research 2021/2022 Dunmall, McNicholl
2021-22-05 Assessment of Arctic char from Darnley Bay Gallagher
2021-22-06 Population assessment of North Slope Dolly Varden Gallagher
2021-22-07 Assessment of Arctic Charr from Fish Lake Gallagher
2021-22-08 Ulukhaktok coastal Arctic char harvest monitoring  Lea
2021-22-09 Reproduction and body condition of ringed seals taken in the regular subsistence harvest at Ulukhaktok, NT Lea
2021-22-10 Paulatuk and Ulukhaktok Char Working Group meetings Lea
2021-22-11 Paulatulk and Ulukhaktok Fish and Marine Mammal Harvest Studies Lea
2021-22-12 Ulukhaktok Fish Telemetry Program Loseto, Hussey, Pettitt-Wade
2021-22-13 Acoustic Monitoring in the ANMPA and ISR Insley 
2021-22-14 Seal diet and condition in the ANMPA and ISR Insley 
2021-22-15 ACES (Arctic Coastal Ecosystem Study)/ Shingle Point CBMP Loseto et al. 
2021-22-16 Beluga health research and monitoring in the TNMPA and ISR Loseto, MacPhee
2021-22-18 Learning more together: Co-production of knowledge on beluga movement ecology Loseto, MacPhee, Ovitz
2021-22-19 Beluga habitat use, coastal observatories and environmental conditions in the TNMPA Loseto, Whalen
2021-22-20 Paulatuk Invertebrate project Ruben, Wolki
2021-22-21 Paulatuk beluga: health and knowledge  Ruben, Green
2021-22-22 Paulatuk Whitefish Program Ruben, Wolki
2021-22-23 Community-led characterization of char habitat in Hornaday River Ruben, Illasiak, Dunmall
2021-22-24 Aklavik HTC Shingle Point Beluga Monitor Gruben
2021-22-25 Aquatic Monitoring and Observation Project (formerly Inuvialuit Forage Fish Monitoring and Observation Project / IFFMO) Drost, Johnston, Steiner, Niemi
2021-22-27 Core use areas of Cape Parry Thick-billed Murres Insley 
2021-22-28 Susceptibility of cultured beluga airway cells to SARS-CoV-2 infection Nielsen