Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs) in the ISR

The FJMC has worked with HTCs and DFO on the development of a number of Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs) that have generally been initiated after hearing about a community concern or issue on an important subsistence species. Working groups are established to assess the concern, evaluate scientific and local knowledge and develop management strategies. FMPs outline available knowledge, management recommendations made by the working group, and are updated as needed to reflect current information and initiatives. The broad goals of FMPs are:

  • To preserve and protect fish and marine mammals stocks
  • To manage stocks to ensure the subsistence needs of communities are met today and in the future
  • To encourage co-operation among all users to ensure sound management


FMPs developed for ISR fisheries:


FJMC Fisheries Working Groups

The FJMC is currently engaged in a fisheries working group in each of the ISR communities that is dedicated to an issue of local concern. While the concerns and perspectives differ by community, the working groups share some key components:

  • Involvement of FJMC, HTC(s), and DFO
  • Establishment and review of goals
  • Regular meetings that bring stakeholders together to discuss ongoing work and issues

The current fisheries working groups in the ISR are:

  • Paulatuk Char Working Group (PCWG)
  • Tuktoyaktuk-Inuvik Working Group (TIWG)
  • Ulukhaktok Char Working Group (UCWG)
  • West Side Working Group (WSWG)