Take a look at the slate of projects FJMC has provided funding for in 2018.

2018-19-01 X X Arctic Salmon: Coordination and logistics Dunmall
2018-19-02 X Coastal Monitoring Protocols Dunmall, McNicholl
2018-19-03 Fish Lake Arctic charr Gallagher, Howland
2018-19-04 X Assessment of Arctic char from the Hornaday River Gallagher, Howland
2018-19-05  X Population assessment of North Slope Dolly Varden Gallagher, Howland
2018-19-06  X  X Indicators to Support Marine Ecosystem Monitoring in the ISR Hoover, Loseto
2018-19-07 Tagging of bowhead whales in the Beaufort Sea, 2018 Lea
2018-19-08 Ulukhaktok summer coastal Arctic char harvest monitoring Lea
2018-19-09 Reproductive and Body Condition of ringed seal taken in the regular subsistence harvest at Ulukhaktok, NT 2018 Lea
2018-19-10  X Assessing Change in Fish Diversity and Habitat in Tuktoyaktuk Harbour Lea, Whalen, Snow
2018-19-11  X ACES (Arctic Coastal Ecosystem Study)/Shingle Point CBM program Loseto
2018-19-12 Tracking the movements and habitat of coastal fish and beluga whale Loseto, Hussey
2018-19-13 X X Beluga Health Monitoring in the ISR Loseto, MacPhee
2018-19-14  X X Beluga Tracking: Habitat use to define Predator Prey interactions and environmental drivers of beluga movement Loseto, MacPhee, Iacozza
2018-19-15 X Beluga Habitat Use and Environmental Conditions in the TN MPA Loseto, Whalen
2018-19-16 X Sachs Harbour Coastal Survey McNicholl, Dunmall
2018-19-17 X Monitoring ecologically relevant habitat metrics to support adaptive management of Dolly Varden Mochnacz, Dunmall
2018-19-18 Assessing impacts on fish populations along the Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk highway Mochnacz
2018-19-19 X  X Enhancing beluga monitoring in the ISR through the inclusion of local and traditional ecological knowledge Ostertag, Loseto
2018-19-20  X Paulatuk Inverts Ruben, PHTC
2018-19-21 X Paulatuk Beluga: Health & Knowledge 2018-2019 Ruben, Loseto, Ostertag, Blakeston, PHTC
2018-19-22 Paulatuk and Ulukhaktok Char Working Group meetings Snow
2018-19-23 X Ulukhaktok and Paulatuk Harvest Studies Snow
2018-19-24 X Char Monitor Assistants 2018 Ruben, Gallagher
2018-19-25 X Paulatuk Summer Student program 2018 Ruben